Belvedere in the London Borough of Bexley already has the UK's largest incinerator CLICK HERE TO SIGN OUR PETITION

We are a group of local residents who are really concerned about the negative health and environmental effects that we and neighbouring communities will experience if Cory build a second incinerator in Belvedere. Please sign our petition against a second incinerator.

Air Quality

A second incinerator will mean more pollutants are released into the air, from the diesel fuelled tugs and lorries delivering the waste and from the burning of waste.


Laying of new underground electric cables will require two years of lane and road closures. Once operational there will be more lorries as not all waste is delivered by river.

Local Nature

Crossness Nature Reserve is next to the Cory site. Experts believe a second incinerator will have a negative impact on its birds, insects, mammals and plants, many of which are protected.


Bexley is London's highest performing borough for recycling but a second incinerator could see more recyclable materials being sent for incineration due to contractual and tax reasons.