We are delighted that the Mayor of London’s request for a judicial review has been granted! Mr Khan’s letter to Jon Cruddas MP and Abena Oppong-Asare MP can be accessed here. The Substantive Hearing will be held in October. This follows the Secretary of State’s decision on 9th April 2020 to grant a development consent order for the Riverside Energy Park. A copy of The Planning Inspectorate’s notice of decision can be found here.

In additional to planning permission, the new plant also requires an Environmental Permit. This is issued by the Environment Agency who wrote a draft permit following an initial consultation in 2019. They held their final public consultation between 25th March and 24th April 2020 to ensure nothing had materially changed before the permit is granted. Several MPs and members of Greenwich-Bexley Environment Alliance submitted their objections, particularly as the permit does not consider the proximity to the existing power plant. We are waiting to hear the officer’s decision.

Image from Cory’s website showing the existing and proposed incinerator buildings

Full details of the project’s planning timeline can be found here.

For the latest information on waste incineration, including facts and figures, please visit the brilliant UKWIN website.