Local residents are not the only ones against a second incinerator.  Below are copies of letters to the planning inspectorate and/or comments from MPs, councillors and local groups. The House of Commons even have an Early Day Motion for a moratorium on new waste incineration capacity (see details here).  Please email us your thoughts: contactus@naiib.org.

Teresa Pearce MP response

Further Reading

United Kingdom Without Incineration Network (UKWin) is an excellent resource and has lots of information on its website.  Below is a link to their Evaluation of the climate change impacts of waste incineration document.  We will continue to add external links to information we feel is relevant to our campaign.

UKWin evaluation of the climate change impacts of waste incineration in the UK London's Wasted Resource by Major of London

Parliamentary Debates

The various parliamentary debates regarding waste incineration can be watched at the links below.

John Grogan MP debate
John Grogan MP: Regulation of the incineration of waste
(9th April 2019)
Stephen Doughty MP debate
Stephen Doughty MP: Incineration of industrial and commercial waste by
(28th January 2020)